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Servers Virtualization & Cloud

Cloud? The cloud is not that far neither complex. We can assist you with Azure, AWS, Oracle and Google clouds. We got the experts for each cloud that will assist you with your needs..

Networking Services

Network issues? Network with poor response? You need to increase security? We have certified personnel to help with your network and security needs. We have Experts in Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda appliances. We have the following network services: - Microsoft Active Directory - Two factor authentication - Cisco/Juniper/Barracuda firewalls and appliances - Boost your network speed - Network design - Network installation

Database Administration

Certified DBAs to help you out with your Databases. Low response of your DB, DB growing at enormous rate, Database synchronization/replication, High Availability, repeated indexes, and all other issues can easily be managed by our DBAs.

Virtual Phone Systems

Tired of manage your own system? Your system is obsolete. With the Internet and new technologies we can setup a Phone System in few hours with phone extensions around the world. We can set up a virtual phone system really quick and smooth and the best of all reduce your phone bills cost.

Software Maintenance

We got friendly and responsible developers to improve performance or other attributes.

Compliance services

CAMS Certified ready to assist you with your compliance needs.

Experts with the best solutions

Jimmy Solarte

SMA Software proves to be a professional and reliable service provider. We have knowledge experience in the latest IT fields like web programs and mobile apps development, telecomunications(text messaging, push notifications), cloud based solutions(AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud), Machine Learning, VR and Business Intelligence. Our broad knowledge in these fields makes us to combine solutions with the latest technology and providing solutions which will save you time and money in your company which will facilitate your business success.

We started with SMA Online - Money Transfer of SMA on year 2005 and we've growing every day with more of 450 K transactions per month. We are satisfied with SMA Software services.

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latest updates

SMA Software releases Wee Telework - Alpha

We are proud to announce that we have launched our Wee Telework latest app in Alpha. With Wee Telework will help organizations with Tele working people to control their productivity easily.

SMA announces API management and application integration

If you're involved with integration, you have to be well-versed with application program interfaces (APIs), which are tools that make it possible to manage software applications.

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