SMA Online - Money Transfer system

SMA Online Money Transfer System features:

  • Store or Branch software that allows to accept money transfer transactions and pay transactions
  • Mobile App for stores or branches
  • Mobile App Store companion to tell the agents about balances and reports, upload documents
  • Administration program to update exchange rates, compliance rules, set credit limits, review stores balances
  • Mobile app to send money from customer to customer for Apple and Android devices
  • Bill payment integration
  • Top up integration
  • Module to track your sales team
  • API to accept money transfer transactions
  • API to send money transfer transactions to different  banks/correspondents/MTS
  • Mobile app and web app to send money Customer to Customer
  • Merchant integration for processing Customer to Customer transactions

SMA Online - Back Office Module


Multiple currencies acceptance, fees in different currencies, credit limits in any currency, stores/branches administration, exchange rates, Correspondent/Banks administration, Account Receivables and Account Payables administration, Compliance and Money Laundering detection tools


Definition of compliance rules by Days, Amounts and required Documents dynamic, OFAC updates, CTR forms automatically generated and more


API (Web services to receive and pay transactions), Email, FTP, SFTP, Secure: SSL, IP Validation, Web Services transmissions and more


See Balance of Agents and Correspondents, Generate Reports, Accounting Groups Definition, Enter Deposit/Wire Transfers adjustment and more

SMA Online - Sales Representatives


Exclusive Module for Sales Representatives with multiple features including:

  • Graphic reports to evaluate Agents performance
  • Agents Management
  • Reports to evaluate Sales Representatives performance available for the Sales Director

SMA Online - Payout

All the Tools you need as a Correspondent for sending money abroad in just one Software, with an user-friendly interface that will introduce you to:

  • Users creation
  • Transaction search
  • Allows to locate and register the payments
  • Reports

SMA Online has a large integration with major Banks: 

SMA Online Money Transfer System is integrated with a large network of Correspondents and Banks in all the world. These are some:

And many more…